General Rules

  • Punishments include warnings and bans. You could get banned immediately, or receive three warnings that result in a ban.
  • You are not allowed to have an account and edit if you're under 13 years old.
    • If you are found to be under 13 with an account on this wiki, your account will be banned.
  • Do not argue with, insult, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users. Sexism, racism, or any other forms of discrimination are not tolerated.
    • Breaking this rule will result in one warning.
  • Minor swear words(damn, hell, crap, freaking) are allowed. Don't go beyond that. Try not to link other pages or websites with major profanity either.
    • If use major swear words, you will receive a warning.
  • Don't discuss or share any sexually explicit content.
    • You receive a warning when breaking this rule.

Editing Rules

  • Follow the general rules
  • No editing wars
  • Don't add unrelated content to articles
  • Do not "edit boost", "fluff edit", "badge game" or make any other meaningless, small edits to increase your edit count.
  • Do minimal plagiarism. If you want to say the same thing as another website or page, change the way you say it.
    • Plagiarizing another wiki counts
  • Breaking any of the editing rules will result in one warning

File Rules

  • Follow the general rules
  • A file must be used somewhere on the wiki. Unused files will be deleted.
  • Talk to an admin before changing an infobox photo
    • If you break this rule twice, you will receive one warning
  • Unrelated images cannot be posted on articles.
    • If you have an unrelated image, categorize it in "Unrelated images"